Protecting Your Connected World Starts with IoT Cybersecurity

Begin digital transformation with IoT Misr to elevate your industry and optimize your products. Established in 2022 to continue the success story of ICT Misr.

New Cairo, Egypt

Supporting Business Through Digital Transformation

The current state of digital transformation worldwide has provided an enormous incentive for all industries to digitally reevaluate their processes and operations, as well as, ensuring that continuous innovation and improvement remain at the forefront of their business, which reflects axiomatically on people’s lives in homes, cities, and workplaces.

IoT Misr was established in 2022 to continue the success story of ICT Misr, which was started five years earlier, to support businesses through their digital transformation journey with cutting-edge information technology solutions.

Our Solutions

IoT Misr focuses safeguarding your IoT ecosystem with advanced technologies and proactive measures.


Smart Cities

In the digital age, building smart cities is essential in life transformation from Offline to Digital; where buildings, devices, streets, traffic, and many other city elements are connected and controlled through smart technologies like IoT, AR, video analytics, and others.


Digital Solutions

Digital solutions have become an integral part of any manufacturing entity. It includes digital industrial operations management and industrial analytics.


OT Cybersecurity

Operational Technology (OT) cybersecurity is key to protecting the uptime, security, and safety of industrial environments and critical infrastructure.


Industrial Solutions

Industrial solutions from IoT Misr are a unique set of innovative solutions from integrated control systems and SCADA solutions to Wellhead solutions.


Image & Video Processing

Image and Video Processing addresses the problems of acquisition, storage, retrieval for analysis of useful information for human users, robots, & autonomous systems.

Success Partners

We are proud to partner with a group of gobal leaders who play a crucial role in our collaborative approach to achieving remarkable results.

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