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Reducing Operational Costs and Maximizing Security

Make the best use of your enterprise data, assets, and resources with IoT Misr Digital Solutions. Our team helps your business by reducing operational costs, maximizing security, and providing the optimum data management procedures to make the right decisions.

Our digital solutions allow industrial enterprises to enter the digital age by digitalizing field and plant operations, maximizing performance and production rates, and controlling processes and resources at all sites.

Our portfolio contains multiple collections of solutions that cover all operations in your enterprise.

Digital Industrial Operations Management

IoT Misr advanced solutions align your enterprise with the international digital transformation, improving your facilities’ performance, enhancing products, and integrating with resource skills, besides making operations run smoothly and smartly.

We know what you need and design the whole solution to fit your business, industry, and operations, and through full IIoT implementation, we can ensure full integration with your systems, besides our support after deployment.

What Digital Solutions
Do We Have?

In IoT Misr, we optimize your asset performance through our premium solutions for digital operations management, digital transformation, monitoring, and management to enhance workflow, operations, staff, and assets. That covers all industries like manufacturing oil and gas power generation utilities.

Why Digital Industrial Operations Management from IoT?

  • Customized Solutions
  • Continuous Support
  • Multiple Technologies
  • Strategic Implementation.

Field Operations

IoT Misr offers you smart solutions that limit field and shift operations issues like communication issues, limited visibility, and voluminous paperwork.

Our technologies improve field operations by creating a simple workflow for work orders and instructions, assigning tasks, ensuring safety, and broadening visibility, thus increasing performance and productivity.

You’ll get:

  • Complete digitalization
  • Centralized knowledge management
  • Integration with HSE management systems
  • Full support
  • Analytics
  • Others

Field operations management digital solutions help your staff make critical decisions in short time frames to have the t greatest impact on plant productivity.

IoT Misr provides your engineers with tools, devices, and applications to deploy operational procedures, equipment diagrams, and operating history to get the best results on the field.

Work Order

Connect to ERP/CMMS systems with two-way integration to manage work order through all the field sites and among the teams.

Smart Operator

Make work smoother by smart operator rounds that have advanced features fitting your digitalization

Operator Logs

Allow you to manage through electronic logbooks, shift handover notes, integrated event management and handling.

Alarm Management

IoT Misr Digital Solutions helps you track and measure all work parameters in a sensitive, smart, and accurate way through alarm management systems, to keep your facility operations safe and well-maintained across years.

Alarms are an essential part of modern systems and the primary means of alerting your operators to any abnormal situations in the facility. It saves a lot of time that you may take to find a failure somewhere and keeps your staff, machines, and revenue safe from any drawbacks.

If you are running your systems with IIoT solutions, which means depending on big data from all of your smart devices, it will be essential to depend on alarm management systems to cover every issue tracked by the huge flow of data.

  • Alarm Philosophy Development
  • Alarm Analytics
  • Process Safety KPI Tracking
  • Alarm Rationalization Consultancy
  • Alarm Changes Implementation Services

Monitoring Systems

Another way to help you is to make sure the devices in your facility are maintained and working properly without putting depreciation on your mind.

In Condition Monitoring Systems Digital Solution, vibration, deviation, temperature, and noise across multiple devices are tracked to know their status and if they need any maintenance at  the right time with the lowest costs before any downtime approaches.

Keep your plant working properly for years with evergreen machinery!

  • Online and offline condition monitoring
  • Equipment diagnostics and prognostics
  • Analytics and dashboards
  • Exception based maintenance.

Industrial Analytics

Analyzing data is the peak of our digital solution; it is the most important process your enterprise should do to know how things are working and performing in the facility or plant. It makes you able to transform data into actionable insights for better integration, visibility, and decision-making.

IoT Misr Industrial Analytics provides your teams with real-time data insights for optimized performance, streamlined reporting, and informed decision-making, giving you a full package of features that make reading your data more simple:

  • Complete Visibility
  • Informed Decisions Faster
  • Optimized Operations
  • Adaptable Analytics Solutions
  • User-Friendly
  • Centralized data management.

Data Integration
and Dashboards

As your enterprise adopts IIoT and other smart technologies, your machines will receive and send more data through machine-to-machine communications, which will allow your teams to make smarter decisions more quickly.

IoT Misr data integration and dashboards solution gives you tools that assist you in carrying out detailed analyses and helps you  integrate data coming from multiple sources, whether from remote sites or your enterprise systems.

In addition to:

  • Data validation
  • Cleansing services
  • Real-time monitoring of data
  • Migrate OT systems to the cloud.

Self-Service Predictive Analytics using AI-ML

With our AI-Ml built self-service predictive analytics solutions, we help your teams identify bottlenecks, monitor assets’ performance, and solve production and performance problems without incurring the additional costs of hiring data scientists or any outsourced IT professionals.

Your teams will be able to analyze your data by themselves, using our self-service analytics platforms, and with the help of our experts, you will get fast, accurate, and tailored deployment for applications that provide relevant analytics to your organization and industry.

That includes:

  • Process upset prediction
  • Integrated root cause analysis
  • Predictive equipment diagnostics
  • Operating envelope tracking
  • Prescriptive analytics.

Enterprise Data Historians

In this comprehensive service, IoT Misr Enterprise Data Historians Solution acquires and stores mass information coming out from operations and applications in your industrial enterprise.

With real-time insights, centralized management, and smooth integrations, your teams are able to manage, save, retain and process all data whatever its volume, enabling them to analyze any operation at any time.

With end-to-end consulting and support, you will get:

  • Real-time data collection
  • Advanced analytics
  • Customizable data visualization
  • Collaboration and sharing
  • Security and compliance
  • Scalability and flexibility
  • Cloud-based deployment

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