Industrial Solutions

Achieving Digital Transformation on all Levels

IoT Misr guides industrial and oil and gas enterprises to achieve digital transformation on all levels. That requires us to introduce premium solutions that help these entities manage, control, and optimize their operations to get high-quality products, highest performance, and the highest revenue.

Our expert team offers a wide range of Industrial solutions that allow manufacturers and engineers to run work efficiently, keep assets maintained, get accurate analytics, ensure quality control, and elevate ROI.

Integrated Control Systems

Get everything on track with the most important industrial solution; integrated control systems, which cover all your instrumentation and control needs, including all platforms serving PLC, DCS, SIS, and F&G.

The IoT Misr team tailors this solution to fit your quality standards, operations, and values.

Control Systems

Keep plants online, safe, and efficient, along with ensuring the stability of operations like engineering, design, procurement, manufacturing, and installation.

Safety Shutdown and Instrumentation System

Develop an integrated control & safety system ranging from complex ESD systems for oil & gas applications to safety controllers at the device level.

Fire and Gas

Designed for simple and complex plant operations, our fire & gas systems ensure safe operation in the most hazardous environments, reducing and preventing any fire hazards.

Engineering Study and Design (Control, Electrical, Instrumentation)

Build long-lasting assets and solid facility performance with our engineering study and design services, which enable you to control, electrical, and instrumentation systems. For all sites, we provide front-end loading (FEL), pre-project planning (PPP), and front-end engineering and design (FEED). Additionally, we can incorporate your OEM systems with any platform, along with an electrical design that ensures the best possible power efficiency.


With our reverse engineering solution, we help you find out how software, devices, or systems work and innovate with enhancements, making your hardware or software compatible with other hardware, software, or operating systems that weren't initially compatible with them.

SCADA Solutions

With IoT Misr Scada Solutions, industrial businesses can monitor remote installations and facilities by connecting any asset at any location, regardless of integration complexity. Information is available in real-time, detailed analyses are provided, and timely interventions can be made.
Our team integrates SCADA solutions with any data acquisition, control systems, and devices.

Wellhead SCADA

It helps oil and gas enterprises control all sites across all geographical locations by helping field operators access all information from any place, and providing them with comprehensive oil/gas field monitoring solutions that visualize the entire architecture.

Pipeline SCADA

It offers continuous monitoring to secure operations, detect leaks, provide real-time integration of various instruments, controllers, and safety systems, and generate analytics.


No matter how different their operating systems are, handle all hardware, devices, and applications in your plant with a single integrated plant SCADA solution.


Electrical SCADA Gives you full visibility into the electrical infrastructure, with the ability to detect potential problems that may lead to unlikely downtime. With real-time alerts that help you act immediately to any electrical incident, ensuring the highest levels of safety and business continuity.

Telecom, Access,
and Perimeter Security Systems

Even in the most harsh and remote locations, you can monitor operations with the highest visibility in every detail, allowing you to make the best decisions. It includes multiple solutions like RF/GSM telecommunication and telemetry systems, along with CCTV, anti-intrusion, and perimeter protection, surveillance, PAGA, and access control systems.

Wellhead Solutions

With IoT Misr Wellhead Solutions, our team of experts can help you design, manufacture, install, and maintain any wellhead system.

Our wellhead products include a variety of solutions, like hydraulic control panels, solar power systems, and injection skids. All these solutions are designed to meet your needs, whatever your industry is!

Hydraulic Wellhead Control

Premium Hydraulic control panel that makes operation flow easily in harsh sites, customized to your field team needs, and featuring the maximum safety standards.

Intelligent Wellhead Control

More enhanced and automated panels, which connect to remote systems and work in extreme climate conditions, ensure safety and high performance for your teams

Data Acquisition Systems

Collect real-time data from all systems, devices, applications, and sites. Help your team get full visibility, and control over all operations, helping you monitor ESD conditions, pump operators, valve pressure and remote monitoring.

Wireless Solutions

We assist you in multiple operations, like data acquisition and communication, for proactive decision-making on critical process parameters.

Solar Power Package

Providing your remote sites with a clean, efficient source of power, which avoids downtime through power backup features, and keeping the site powered in any unpredictable weather changes.

Digital Oilfield Infrastructure Solutions

Guiding enterprises to deploy solid and prime infrastructure that will be the base of the digitalization of all oil and as field operations, for exceptional performance and unmatched revenue.

Chemical Injection Skids

Our team uses this solution to protect pipelines from corrosion and foaming, along with providing lubrication additives for upstream crude and raw gas operations. In addition to that, it protects products from chemical impurities.

Electrical Systems

Industrial solutions cannot be installed without powerful, efficient, and safe electrical systems that ensure the continuity of operations, control, and communication. IoT Misr electrical systems supports industrial enterprises with high-quality solutions and devices that allow them to get well-structured electrical stations, buildings, e-houses, and electrical management systems.

Control and Electrical Packaged Buildings

Container-shaped e-houses, which are designed to resist extreme conditions and provide safe and reliable power distribution for critical operations, It can be customized according to your team’s needs. With other utilities like transformers, switchgear, and control panels.

Power Skids

Prefabricated power skids whose design is adjusted to fit any facility allow for the installation of critical power infrastructure within existing buildings in a short time. It guarantees safe and efficient power generation for industrial entities.

MCCs and Switchgears

Motor Control Centers are used to control electric motors in industrial enterprise operation lines. MCC is a key factor in generating safe and high-performance power. Switchgears as well work to increase safety by protecting, controlling, and isolating electrical equipment.

Electrical Coordination Studies

Detect the electrical current faults, and equipment failures, and work on resolving it by saving the whole system from the interfering fault. It avoids downtime, secures safe power distribution, and saves assets from any damage.

Engineering Design Studies

Develop evergreen assets and rigid facility performance with our engineering design studies services, which enable you to control electrical systems, and get safe, efficient and high-performing power supply at all sites.

and Maintenance Services

IoT Misr helps teams in all phases of the work lifecycle, whether in the field, remote sites, training,  or maintenance. Lastly, we are always there to support your work, teams, and assets.

All that to assure plant availability, performance, quality, and safety to meet your enterprise goals.

Resident O&M

Our expert team can handle the routine maintenance to ensure that incidents are regularly addressed and all assets are operating properly.

On-Call O&M

Our expert team is always ready to respond to your on-call incidents by mobilizing to your site in less than 24 hours to resolve any issues and suppress any downtime, depending on their wide range of experiences and knowledge.

Remote O&M

Any running errors or breakdowns can be resolved remotely by our experts in the shortest time, whether routine or urgent, to help with many tasks remotely while you save on maintenance call-out charges.

Facility Survey
and Troubleshooting

We may conduct some surveys and all-inclusive troubleshooting through a centralized team consisting of domain experts averaging over 10 years’ experience in oil & gas.

Obsolescence and Spares
Management Program

Helping and training your employees with the most updated technologies to make them ready for any incidents.

3rd Party Commissioning
and Integration

An experienced team that is ready to interfere at any time to address your system challenges and solve them !

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