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Solid OT Cybersecurity Solutions from IoT Misr

Many manufacturers and industrial plants face increasing OT vulnerabilities arising from vendor problems and old outdated systems, besides a significant need for solid OT Cybersecurity services.

IoT Misr solves all these limitations by implementing OT cybersecurity solutions. Our team works on upgrading the plant’s infrastructure to the latest hardware, software, and applications, according to the cybersecurity requirements.  

We work on creating opportunities that improve network visibility and enhance system reliability, along with revealing OT cybersecurity gaps and potential threats that impact your business continuity.

We help your organization secure its operational technology systems and apps by introducing different solutions that integrate IT and OT cybersecurity to ensure the ultimate protection for your organization’s OT infrastructure.

OT Asset
Inventory Management

We start with this solution, where we can determine the overall risk levels by identifying all devices in your network, all new assets that are added and changed frequently, and revealing all OT and IoT security vulnerabilities you are not aware of.

In addition to that, our team works on improving your security and deploying according to local and regulatory standards.

Our solution automatically creates an OT asset inventory, keeping it always updated; we help you identify network devices, validate details, and provide precise descriptions.

It also monitors assets and provides real-time data about them:

  • Device name, type, serial number and others
  • Some asset properties like site, name, IP address, MAC address and state
  • Embedded devices
  • Logical node subsystems
  • Measurement points
  • PC operating systems and installed apps with version numbers

OT Cyber security
Gap Assessment Service

Our OT cyber security gap assessment solution shows facility operators and managers how vulnerable their businesses are and identifies the security gaps to solve them and reach the desired security Level.

In addition to that, we determine where the organization stands in the face of cybersecurity risks without incurring excessive costs regarding the cybersecurity team.

IoT Misr Gap assessment solution includes the following activities:

  • Gap identification and risk assessment
  • Detailed self-assessment
  • Recommendations for security posture
  • Benchmarking against key standards

OT Network Segmentation and Design Service

The IoT Misr expert team chooses the right way to deploy OT cybersecurity into your IT environment so you can get a safe and smooth implementation without any side problems like damage to critical infrastructure. Besides giving a solid service that negates any threat or attack.

With IoT Misr OT Network Segmentation & Design, we are able to design and secure your assets on-premises and in the cloud from any threats that may occur within or after deployment, considering local and global standards.

This solution includes:

  • Segmentation based on ISA/IEC 62443
  • Configuration reviews of firewalls and switches
  • Defining the SL levels for the zones and conduits
  • Engaging the DCS and SIS system-specific engineers to redesign the network

OT System
and Network Hardening

In this solution, our team helps your business limit attack surfaces by reducing security risks and removing potential attacks.

That can be done by getting rid of unnecessary programs, accounts, applications, permission access, etc., i.e., closing gaps in the system, servers and workstations, and networking devices, switches, and firewalls on the plant network.

We help your enterprise  integrate OT network assets with centralized cybersecurity systems,  which include:

  • Endpoint protection
  • Backup and restore
  • Vulnerability and patch management
  • Network security management
  • Identity and access management
  • Application control and whitelisting

OT Network
Threat Management

OT networks are vulnerable to cyberattacks all the time, and they need continuous monitoring of industrial assets for any potential threats, vulnerabilities, and compliance.

IoT Misr enables your industrial enterprise to monitor threats, intrusions, and unwanted actions to increase the availability, safety, and reliability of OT assets and networks.

You get complete network and asset visibility, unique insights, advanced threat detection, and proactive protection through:

  • Vulnerability monitoring and  patch management
  • OT network intrusion detection & prevention
  • Enterprise OT threat intelligence monitoring (SIEM/SOAR) integration
  • Monitoring and prevention of network attacks.

Security Gateways

IoT Misr Unidirectional Security Gateways enable safe IT/OT integration, secure remote access, and real-time industrial network monitoring.

We use these gateways instead of firewall layers in industrial networks, giving your enterprise full control over systems with ultimate protection from any cyberattacks, optimizing visibility, and securing remote access.

Also, we adopt data diode technology, which is used to segment and secure networks by transferring information in one direction, transferring multiple data simultaneously, monitoring critical networks in real-time, preventing data leaks, and being compatible with multiple protocols.

Secure Remote OT Access

Iot Misr offers secure remote OT access,  which helps you enhance control and security measures for managing both local and remote system assets.

With our cutting-edge secure remote OT Access solution, you gain unrivaled visibility into every remote connection and activity within the OT environment. This allows for the prompt detection and elimination of any potential risks or vulnerabilities.

Such proactive features allow your teams to respond promptly to incidents while ensuring safe connectivity for troubleshooting and repairing essential OT, IoT, and IIoT assets across industrial networks at any given time or location.

As an added layer of protection against external threats or unauthorized access attempts, we offer a range of features designed to enhance the security of systems and remote connections:

  • Granular user/asset access policy.
  • Enforce authentication, policies, and vault passwords.
  • Manually approve remote connections.
  • Real-time “over the shoulder” video viewing of sessions.
  • Control or terminate sessions for unauthorized actions.
  • Audit logs of the actions.

Incident Response
and Business Continuity

Incident Response and Business Continuity from IoT Misr depends on  smooth threat detection that identifies potential malicious or anomalous activities that may pose a significant risk to operational continuity.

We help your team  respond adequately by leveraging the voluminous data generated by devices and networks across your organization. Our solution organizes this large  amount of information and saves the time and efforts of your teams.

That improves the response process, elevates  resolution efficiency, and reduces downtime.

Some Features:

  • Network gateways
  • Firewalls
  • User friendly interface
  • Alert dashboard
  • Forensic tools
  • Play books
  • Generate reports
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