Smart Cities

Building Smart Cities

In the digital age, building smart cities is essential to the transformation of life from offline to digital, where buildings, devices, streets, traffic, and many other city elements are connected and controlled through smart technologies like IoT, AR, video analytics, and others.

That means smart cities are the places that will include smart businesses, homes, and industrial enterprises. IoT Misr helps real estate developers adopt IoT and other smart technologies that allow them to build new urban regions that fit the future and guarantee a brand new life for citizens.

Why Do People
Need Smart Cities?

City means covering all life elements and aspects for everyone living in the city. Smart City is built for the welfare, safety, and prosperity of people and businesses in:

  • Logistics
  • Power Saving
  • Utilities
  • Health
  • Traffic
  • Public Services
  • Public Safety
  • Other

Introducing Different Services for Smart City Developers

Building a smart city with IoT Misr provides you with many solutions that make you in control of all activities that happen inside it.

The idea is to change devices, buildings, systems, and other things from their normal state into smart objects by connecting them to the internet. Then these objects will provide you with all their data and activity tracking records to manage them in the smart city control room.

The use of that big data makes you capable of fixing issues, saving power, and managing operations and buildings in the right and shortest time. Our IoT Team introduces different services for smart city developers that allow them to govern every single detail in the city for better performance and safety.

Smart Parking

Using IoT, video and image processing, and other technologies to provide real-time data about parking areas,  their availability and minimize the traffic jams.

In smart parking systems; devices are connected to provide data that is controlled and analyzed to show the available parking spaces in public or private parking areas.

Besides that, smart parking systems detect the accurate location of empty lanes and parked vehicles as well.

Smart Utilities

Enhance the performance of smart city utilities like water, gas, and electricity  management companies  by connecting  their operating systems to sensors and smart devices, and by employing IoT, you will be able to acquire all data coming from any activity or operation, so you can enhance its performance, minimize downtime, and save power.

Real-time data also improves performance by generating repairs automatically, preventing any disruptions. In addition to the ability to support your decisions through autonomous knowledge and understanding of when usage should be decreased and what the suitable response is across different conditions.

Smart Street Lighting

A smart streetlight system incorporates technology, such as video analytics, light sensors, and other solutions to provide real-time monitoring. This type of lighting system is essential to  the development of smart cities.

Its functions help in power saving, traffic solving, and others:

  • Detect weather conditions
  • Change the light brightness across the day and night
  • Display street labels
  • Used in surveillance by adding cameras
  • Traffic and parking management

Fleet Management

Fleet managers work on optimizing their services through comprehensive processes that include analyzing fleet equipment, tracking location, service delivery and coverage, staff behavior, routing, dispatch units, diagnostics, and preventative maintenance.

IoT Misr fleet management solution helps managers  control all processes  by collecting real-time information coming from connected equipment or staff devices, and:

  • Optimize the full equipment portfolio with the real-time location of deployed and inventoried equipment.
  • Automate orders, reduce their uptime, and improve service through acquiring performance data and equipment status, which leads to improving revenue.
  • Make accurate decisions based on data coming from existing equipment, including the service history, operating hours, and downtime tracking.
  • Optimize costs by using the whole equipment.
  • Get the most out of all your equipment and track any issues!

Waste Management

Smart waste management is an indispensable part of the smart city ecosystem. With IoT, cities are able to optimize waste collection, reduce the number of bins, and manage resources.

IoT reduces unnecessary expenses in waste management by enhancing operational inefficiencies in the whole process.

IoT Misr team helps real estate developers build smart cities by optimizing routes, smart recycling, and analyzing data.

Public Transportation

By using different technologies, we help you monitor, evaluate, and manage public transportation to enhance its efficiency and safety in smart cities. Helping officials  control traffic inside the city and highways, besides:

  • Cost-effectiveness is increased by preventative maintenance, lower energy consumption, and fewer resources used in accidents.
  • Smart management uses data collected from systems, vehicles, and traffic.
  • Higher safety due to automation that minimizes human error.
  • Eco-friendly solution

Traffic Management System (TMS)

In smart cities, traffic management systems provide full control over the whole transportation network,  providing high performance and accuracy with automation, generating and using data, and preventing any potential problems.


Using IoT, video and image processing technologies, helps officials detect and identify vehicles that are violating traffic rules and provide real-time notifications to the control room.

TMS manages the traffic of the smart city using various aspects:

  • Determine the best routes
  • Manage passengers and their tickets
  • Control signals and labels
  • Minimize average waiting time
  • Monitor and limit traffic congestion
  • Reduce travel costs
  • Decrease air pollution levelst

Smart Cities:
The Future is Here!

Bring the future to the ground  with IoT Misr, by deploying the smartest and most unique technologies that will help your team build smart cities or transform normal cities into smart ones.

A lot of people dream to live and work in a smart city, but you are the only one who has the option to guide them in that direction.

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